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An update!

By Chris Toy on October 4, 2012

Why hello there, it’s been a while. And it sucks! Basically I had really hoped to get Studs Up going again right for the start of the season and obviously that hasn’t really happened, and for the same reason that I had to take a break from it the middle of last season – I just don’t have as much time as I used to for a passion project like this. I started Studs Up in 2008 I think, and a lot has changed since then. I love doing it, but in order to do it in a way where I can enjoy creating the comics and feel like I’m happy with what I’m showing you guys – I need a few hours a day I just don’t have right now. I could jam it into 20 minutes and spout something out and I have for some comics in the past, and it just left me feeling nauseous and angry with myself as though I had just eaten an entire cake in the bathroom. Not sure why that was the analogy I went to, but whatever.

I had also mentioned some hopefully “big news” to come, that was because I was working on plans for a Studs Up animated series. 1-3 minute videos each week with a brand new story, I was super psyched as I’ve loved animated shows as long as I’ve loved comics. Sadly, it ended up falling through as the studio we want to use costs about $5K to produce 45 seconds of animation and while we had interest from sponsors to help fund the first season – it ultimately fell through. I considered putting it on Kickstarter, but haven’t decided for sure.

So thats where we are. I do have a few more options to try and make it a little easier for me to find the time to do SU and I’ll see how those come together, but for now its still in a holding pattern. I do want to try and finally finish the book collection and at least get that out for you guys for some closure if this is indeed the end, but I’m still optimistic at figuring out how to get Studs UP back again – maybe in a new home or new format. If you have questions, hit me up on Twitter.

Chris Toy

An update!

By Chris Toy on April 24, 2012

I definitely picked the wrong season to take a break! But have been working on something cool for the future of Studs Up and hoping I can share some big news pretty soon. Thanks for hanging in there and all the emails and tweets/FB messages of support!

Chris Toy

Big changes are a-coming.

By Chris Toy on January 24, 2012

Studs Up’s posting schedule has gone to hell the last couple months, this is no secret and I apologise to all you guys. Real life and other work just piled up and took me away from my passion, as often is the case. It can’t continue like this, with you guys on semi-alert for a new comic and me desperate to do one but struggling to find the time. As such, SU is on an official brief hiatus while I sort it out.

Big changes are on the way. Changes that, if they work, will allow me to spend a lot more time on Studs Up and more. So I thank everyone for the supportive emails and tweets, and stay tuned. I’ll have an announcement shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the archives! If you have a question about anything at all, email me.


Chris Toy

Happy new year

By Chris Toy on January 8, 2012

Happy new year guys, hope the break was good for everyone. After a two week jaunt to China I’m feeling rather delirious and between timezones, but new comic on Monday and back in the swing of things.

Chris Toy

See you guys after the holidays!

By Chris Toy on December 22, 2011

I’ve been traveling the last week and will be zipping around until Jan 5th, when comics will resume. As you guys have noticed the past couple months the comic schedule has been out of whack as I’ve gotten busier and busier with other projects and work (in a good way). I love doing Studs Up, though, so over the break I’m going to figure out how best to get back to regular programming whether its still three a week, weekly, or something else entirely!

Chris Toy

RIP Gary Speed

By Chris Toy on November 28, 2011

One of the best players and players I remember most from my childhood supporting football.

Chris Toy

Happy Thaaaanksgiving

By Chris Toy on November 23, 2011

Been traveling around LA the past week and heading back home later tonight, with a new comic coming on Thanksgiving Day. Thanks again for all your support and I know the comic schedule has been more than a little spotty again, a side effect of the rest of my life getting crazy crazy busy (in a good way).

It may be time to just bite the bullet and move SU to weekly, I’d rather make sure I’m promising a schedule I can keep right now! As always I appreciate all the emails from everyone asking for more, I wish I could!

Chris Toy

FC Studs Up FIFA12 now recruiting!

By Chris Toy on October 20, 2011

We’re up and running and taking recruits (especially if you’re a goalie). Right now it’s first come first served to join but if you want to stay you’ll need to be available regularly and work on your virtual pro!

Apply here: FC Studs Up FIFA12 Homepage

Or through the game center, look for FCSU in the North American league.

Chris Toy

New comic coming Wednesday

By Chris Toy on October 18, 2011

Been traveling a bunch the last few days but its good to be home, new comic and blog post coming Wednesday. Because Stone Cold said so!

Chris Toy

FIFA 12 FC Studs Up Pro Club details coming soon

By Chris Toy on September 28, 2011

Last year we had the first ever SU Pro Club, “FC Studs Up”. It was a blast and we kicked ass in league play, for the most part.

If you played last year or want to play this year, details will be coming shortly this week so keep an eye out right here. Get your VP up, I’m up to 80+ overall (early release ftw).

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